Onboarding Program Structure and Setup

How do you set up an onboarding program and what sort of structure do you put in place for it?

The first step is to work out who are your users and roles that you want to have go through the onboarding program. Employees for example can be broken down into sub groups such as part time, full time, casual or volunteer. You might have contractors or visitors as well.

The next step is to work out what you want them to go through. Do you need to collect information from them? Do you require evidence of training from them? Emergency contact details?

What content is important for them to go through? Do you need to provide an overview of your organisation, important policies and procedures to be aware of? Hazards on site?

It's important to make sure they understand this content with check lists and asessments

Finally, do you need to issue a card or certificate for proof of completion?

These steps are the core structure of an onboarding program and best practice to follow for employee or staff onboarding.

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Create Content?

Can you create onboarding content and load up your own?

Prequalify Suppliers

Should they be working with you? Are they compliant? Do they have insurance?

Mobile Ready?

Is your onboarding process working on mobile devices and virtual reality platforms?