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Onboarding VS Orientation: What you need to know Guide

What are they?

It's easy to get confused between the differences for what onboarding versus orientations are. They both do similar things. Organisations onboard new employees, contractors or visitors into the workplace and as part of that process run them through important policies, procedures, best practice, organisation culture, collect new starter information and more. An orientation is very much that same process. Bringing the same groups of users into the workplace via an orientation.

So what's different?

An orientation might be a component of an overall onboarding process and objective. A safety orientation might be a single course that fits within the overall onboarding steps that a new staff member or contractor goes through as they begin work with your organisation.

Why you need both Onboarding and Orientatio

You can't have one without the other. An Onboarding process that lacks an orientation is basically removing the core component that makes sure your employees and staff fully understand important workplace topics they need to acknowledge and understand before they start working in your workplace.

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