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Guide to Creating Effective Employee Onboarding Systems

In this guide, we're going to show you how to create an effective employee onboarding system step by step

Step 1: which role types are you trying to onboard?

Are you working with full time employees, part time employees, casual staff, manager roles, departments? Identify the role types you are trying to onboard

Step 2: What steps would you like them to go through as part of their onboarding journey?

For each orientation type, how many steps should they go through? what would each step consist of? do you want to collect information from them, do you want to present some content to do them? is there an assessment to complete, a check list to go through, a document library to read? Think about the onboarding worflow that is applicable for each employee role type.

Step 3: What happens when they complete the process?

Do you issue a certificate or card at the end? do you get a notification that the employee has just completed the onboarding process? what do you want to have happen

Getting started: once the setup is done, simply invite new employees to complete the process.

New employees should be invited to complete the process as soon as they get advised of their job. Existing employees should complete the process annually.

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Guiding your onboarding journey

This guide is a high level view of the steps to go through for creating an online onboarding system

Creation Guide

What to create in what order

What to include in order to make it effective

What should each onboarding step include for an effective employee onboarding system