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Employee Onboarding App

An onboarding process is your first step to engaging a new employee into the workplace especially before they start work. Using an employee onboarding app you can ensure they are engaged using the most common platform in their hands, their phone! Streamline the entire employee onboarding process from the forms you need them to complete through to check lists to acknowledge, documents to download, digital signing and acknowledgement, content to read, presentations to go through, assessments to complete and everything else to ensure they are job ready and workplace ready.

Online Onboarding App For iPhone and Android or Tablets

Everyone is using mobile phones / cell phones and tablets / iPads to do everything online, its only natural that you should onboard new employees into your organisation the same way, using the most common technology platform they already have.

Drive your entire employee onboarding process online via mobile devices. Employees, contractors and visitors can complete their onboarding process in the field, from home or on the way to work via mobile devices

Is your organisation onboarding process setup for mobile devices and tablets?

From forms to check lists

The best thing about putting your employee process on the onboarding app is that you can customise the workflow to suit your specific organisation. If you want to set up forms to capture information from new starters, payroll information, emergency contact details through to the important workplace topics you present to them such as safety orientations and HR policies to acknowledge, you can entirely personalise what kind of onboarding process the employee goes through.

Onboarding employees from their phone or tablet

The best part about using modern mobile onboarding is that your employees can complete the process from home, on their phone or tablet and before they actually start work.

Have them acknowledge important policies, procedures, documents, forms and check lists quickly and easily.

Every organisations onboarding process is different and so its critical you can set your own unique workflows up the way you want. You might have different forms, unique check lists, special onboarding content and assessments for your staff to go through before they start work.

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