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How to setup an Employee Onboarding System?

Online or Offline?

In todays technical age, an online onboarding system is the best practice. Deliver your onboarding process via the web, mobile devices and on virtual reality.

The Steps

Think about what steps you want your staff to go through. Collect materials from them? Present training material to them? Acknowledgement of check lists and policies? Assessment on knowledge? Issue Certificate?

Different Onboarding Types?

Are there different onboarding types to go through? One for employees, one for contractors one for visitors? Role based onboarding? Site based onboarding?

Each of these areas are the pillars that form an onboarding process. Collate these areas together to formulate an effective onboarding solution.

Remember as well that an onboarding system is an evolving system. It grows along side your organisation. As new requirements emerge or your organisation changes, so should your onboarding system!

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