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Integrating your Employee Onboarding with other systems

What sort of information do you collect in your employee onboarding system that you want to integrate with other systems? It's an opportunity to streamline entire workflows and systems together but integrating the data and information between them in a real time manner.

The Systems

HR systems, Payroll systems, Information Systems, Job Management Systes, Performance Management Systems - Can all be integrated together.


Each system you want to integrate with will have different requirements, different limitations and different approaches for allowing an integration. The best approach is to have an open one and look to identify which information it is you want to pick out of your employee onboarding system for integration with the chosen system you want that information to go to.

Real time integration between your employee onboarding system and other work place systems such as Payroll, HR through to Facilities Management and Performance Management systems is a powerful approach to streamlining entire workflows in your organisation.

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