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New Client Onboarding

This is all about onboarding new clients and customers on how to engage and work with your company.

How do clients pay you?

How do they request support?

How do they contact you?

How do they make complaints?

How do they cancel?

How do they issue you purchase orders?

Everything a client needs to know about their business relationship with your company should be set in the onboarding process. Deliver the entire client onboarding process online and streamline this entire workflow.

Start your onboarding portal here

Set up your onboarding steps

Click the manage content link off the dashboard to define the steps you want users to go through and upload or create course content, assessments and more

Register Clients

From the main login screen you can register an account for the different user groups to see how your orientation / onboarding process looks from the users perspective

Launch to your users

Simply send out the link and ask them to register for access!