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New Customer Onboarding Program

New customers engage your business or service but how do they know what to do for service, support, expectations, guidance and more? Create a structured welcome process for your new customers to go through so they are properly onboarded.

This leads directly to customer retention, possible upsell and improved customer service.

All new customers proceed through a short onboarding process that not only explains your product or service but also how to get help, billing contacts and expectations, support contacts, next steps and milestones and more.

Here's how it works
Engage new customers as their first step in their journey with your business or product before they start using it by getting them to go through the Online Onboarding process

They progress through the onboarding steps in sequence. You might have a mixture of steps ranging from how to use your product or service, support contacts, billing and getting started roadmap.

Ready to go program or build your own
You can hit the ground running with our library of ready to go materials or create your own new customer onboarding program from scratch

Start your new customer onboarding here


Collect feedback from your onboarding program

Product or Service Tour

Setup a product or service tour for new customers to understand their workplace environment before they start using it / engaging your service


Get full stats and analytics on where your customers are at

Integrate with other systems

Integrate with other systems for streamlined data flow