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Improving HR Onboarding with Onboarding Software

HR Onboarding all starts from that initial message that you have the job. Phone call or letter, the clock starts ticking from that very first communication.

It's at that moment that you need to initiate your new hire onboarding process. Remember, its not just about full time employees, it could be contractors, visitors or casual / part time staff too

Onboard Communications

From this first moment, this is where you distribute the link and logins to your new hire and they begin their welcome process into your organisation.

This is where your new hire begins their onboarding process. They can do it from home, before they start work.


Remember that most new hires won't have access to your network until IT has set them up with logins etc and so internal documents, Intranets and more can't be accessed by the employee until they've actually started working in the workplace.

But this creates a lot of risk as you now have a staff member working in the workplace who has not acknowledged or understood important safety and workplace policies.

They may not necessarily get these materials during their orientation at all. So it is critical they do these before they start work.


Majority of the workforce today is connected via mobile. So make the most of mobile technologies! Use these to engage your staff for their onboarding process. Drive your HR initiatives using the very technologies that your staff are familiar with and use on a day to day basis.

The HR Process

Set out your KPI's, review process, reporting process and more. HR systems should be introduced in the onboarding process. HR Managers should welcome staff and also set out the guidelines and boundaries in the onboarding process online. Complaints mechanisms and feedback should be here too!


One of the biggest things about any onboarding process is the paperwork! this is why centralising it all online is critical to a successful onboarding process. Automate the forms, make them online and streamline the process. We are in the 21st century after all, be innovative with your onboarding process!

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