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Employee Offboarding Program: How to Offboard Employees

When an employee leaves your organisation, it's important to manage the exit properly. No atter the reason for their departure, a proper offboarding program will ensure compliance, a structured exit and an appropriate and comprehensive exit from your organisation.

All employees exiting your organisation should progress through the offboarding process

Setup exit documents, notify organisation contacts, de-provision from accounts, IT and other areas and even setup a survey for feedback

Here's how it works
When it's time to leave, the employee goes through the offboarding process via the offboarding portal

They progress through any exit documents, notifications are sent to relevant contacts, de-provision happens and a formal exit is achieved. Collect feedback from your own personalised survey too.

Ready to go program or build your own
You can hit the ground running with our library of ready to go materials or create your own new employee offboarding program from scratch

Start your new employee offboarding program here


Collect feedback from your onboarding program

Exit documents

Ensure appropriate documents are completed pon exit from the organisation


Get full stats and analytics

Integrate with other systems

Integrate with other systems for streamlined data flow