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Employee Onboarding Welcome Programs

Create the ultimate new employee engagement and welcome experience with our new employee onboarding welcome programs.

Establish organisation culture, introductions to team members, check lists on new employee setup activities and a full orientation into the work place.

Your employees can then progress through your onboarding welcome process and go through the specific onboarding steps and process that you've setup for them.

Here's how it works
Engage new employees before they start working in your workplace by getting them to go through the Online Onboarding portal

They progress through the onboarding steps in sequence. You might have a mixture of steps ranging from a welcome message from the CEO, topics about the organisation, culture, vision, mission statement, values, policies and procedures.

A check list of actions that have been completed for setting up a new employee such as meeting or introductions to key managers, accounts setup, IT setup, payroll setup, welcome letter and more.

Ready to go program or build your own
You can hit the ground running with our library of ready to go materials or create your own onboarding welcome programs from scratch

Start your onboarding welcome program here


Collect feedback from your onboarding program

Workplace Tour

Setup a workplace tour for new employees to understand their workplace environment before they start working there


Get full stats and analytics on where your employees are at

Integrate with other systems

Integrate with other systems for streamlined data flow