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What is Onboarding?

New Starters in the Workplace

As a company engages new staff in the workplace, they need to go through new starter documentation, acknowledge policies and procedures, check lists and safety training.

Collecting materials

New staff will need to provide materials such as training certifications, complete medical forms, nominate emergency contacts, banking details for payrol and even custom workplace specific forms such as for uniforms.


A big part of the onboarding process is training. New starters should go through safety training covering everything they need to know about working on site and in their specific role. Onboarding allows an organisation to set the company culture. It's the first point of introduction for a new contractor, employee or visitor and the first opportunity to establish and communicate to the staffer the values, ideals and vision of the company.

Along side this should be training on the organisations history, management and operations and role clarity.

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