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Best practice new hire online onboarding process

When new hires are starting in your organisation, its critical that they be onboarded into the organisation effectively. An online onboarding process is the first step in that journey and often completed by new hires before they even start work on their first day. It might be started as soon as they have been given the call that they got the job and its a major tool and process to ensure that new hires are truly job ready.

Best practice online onboarding is done paperless and not only involves collecting materials digitally but creating a truly engaging and interactive experience about your organisation, the team, the workplace the new hire will be working in and what they need to do know in order to be job ready and work safely. It typically involves:

- preparation for a new job with access to pre-start job and role materials

- collecting important new starter materials from them online

- giving access to policies and procedures and ensuring they have read and understood them

- a virtual tour of a workplace

- understanding evacuation plans

- signing new starter documentation

- meet the team

- Fire safety

- going through important workplace course topics such as bullying and harassment, drugs and alcohol through to safety and codes of practice.

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